Poverty and Homelessness

Leamington Christian Mission work with the homeless and those living below the poverty line in Leamington Spa.  They run a soup bus which outside Jephson Gardens 6.20-7.30pm on weekdays.

The Salvation Army run a Homeless Action Project with drop in, facilities such as a kitchen and washing machine, advice & help finding accomodation.  Mon - Fri, 9.30 - 1pm.


As part of Hope 08, St Peter's Church set up a Poverty and Homelessness Forum, bringing together people from throughout the town to discuss and take action on local issues of poverty and homelessness.  This has made significant progress in the last eighteen months.


A Saturday Friendship Group has been set up to try to meet the lack of provision at the weekends.. 10 volunteers are currently active on a Saturday and a few more help during the week. The average number of visitors on a Saturday is 17.the highest number being 28.

Life skills training is slowly getting going with the cooking on most Saturdays being the most successful. Art sessions have been organised for Thursday afternoons.

Gardening on a small scale has involved I -3 visitors and products have been eaten at the meals. A good stimulus for conversation for more people.

The course run by Leanne Wallis’ Exploring Christianity’ has had 17 visitors attending at least once.

The manager Jonathan Chilvers has reported that activities have definitely encouraged rapport and mutual respect.

The Night Shelter has managed to fund the training of a Security guard and recruited a good team of volunteers. There is trust that sufficient funds can be found to continue into the winter months. 


Jo Barfoot, 05/02/2008