About HOPE Leamington

Hope Leamington grew out of Hope2008, a national initiative to support local churches throughout the UK to work together to serve, bless and share their faith with their communities.  For more information, see www.hope08.com.

Here in Leamington Spa, churches have a desire to work more closely with each other to be 'good news' in their communities.  Hope Leamington looks like this . . .

Celebrating Hope

Churches joining together in praise and prayer.  There are a number of United Services throughout the year.

Signs of Hope

Churches are already hugely active in their communities.  'Signs of Hope' is about communicating how people can get involved in church activities, and enabling churches to support and resource each other.  This website has been created as part of 'Signs of Hope' to enable people to find out what churches get up to.  See Church Services and Church in the Community.

Hope for All

Leamington churches joined together in 2008 on a number of projects to bless the community.  Many such projects continue each year from the unity and relationships formed in the initial Hope2008 year.