About the Christian faith

Hope Leamington grew out of Hope2008, an initiative of the churches of Britain and Ireland which helped to demonstrate Christian faith in action and to explain the meaning of that faith in villages, towns and cities throughout the UK.


But why are we doing this?  As Christians, we believe that we have the best reason to be hopeful and we want to share that hope with others regardless of background or beliefs.  We are hopeful because we believe that Jesus came to earth to show us what God is like and enable us to have a relationship with him.


For a free pack which contains a DVD with stories of hope and a copy of a gospel (one of the books of the Bible which talks about Jesus' life), e-mail info@hopeleamington.org.uk.


There are also some good websites to help you find out more about the Christian faith.  This one is good - www.rejesus.co.uk


There are a number of Alpha courses being run by churches, to help people explore the Christian faith. Click here for details of local courses.  To find out more about Alpha, visit www.alpha.org.

Jo Barfoot, 22/01/2008