Way Ahead Project

As a result of the Povery Forum in 2008  St Peter's Saturday Friendship Group was formed to work with the Salvation Army Project for the homeless and vulnerably housed starting in January 2009.
The aim was to enable the Project, now called the Way Ahead Project, to open on Saturdays when there was no provision for homeless people.
Over the years,  with the help of the present Project Leader Jonathan Chilvers, we have provided volunteers and funds from grants and various sources.

This email is to report that we are delighted to say there has been a development in the relationship with the Salvation Army. Fr John Cross of St Peter's and Captain John Mclean of the Salvation Army have agreed to form a Partnership to carry on this work. 
The two ministers have signed a simple document setting out the responsibilities for each partner.
The sfg (Saturday Friendship Group) has become  a permanent subcommittee of St Peters Parish Council and will take on the responsibility of making a report twice or three times annually to keep them in touch with progress re volunteers, finance and new initiatives.

We feel this is another example of an ecumenical effort in our town and  is most encouraging for all involved. 

Very best wishes

Janice Austin
Convenor, sfg Planning Team.


Samantha Lee, 11/03/2016