Local churches share the concerns of local people about the night-time environment in Leamington. 

In response, they are now running a project called NightLight, providing a hot drink and a listening ear to those out in town late.  The project is based at All Saints, but staffed and supported by Christian volunteers and prayer from across the town.

Late on Friday nights, and during the early hours of Saturday mornings, they are offering free hot drinks to those around, especially clubbers, plus lollipops to counter the effect of alcohol on blood sugar. Our volunteers also have basic training in listening. Experience elsewhere suggests that this modest and quiet offer of hospitality can have a calming and positive effect, both on individuals and on the atmosphere of the surrounding area. We hope and pray it will make a difference here, too.


Leamington churches are most grateful to the Town Council, churches, and individuals for covering our start-up costs, and to those prepared to give up a night’s sleep on a regular basis as part of their giving to the community.


Jo Barfoot, 08/04/2008